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Kayaking on the trabocchi coast

One of the best ways to reveal and savor all the beauty of the Costa dei Trabocchi is certainly from the sea! The kayak excursion allows you to live an exciting experience between placid pebble beaches and sandy shores, wild steep cliffs and emerald-colored water capable of giving emotions that go beyond expectations. The route is suitable for any person who has a minimum of confidence with the water and includes stops in the points of greatest naturalistic and historical-landscape interest, thanks to the professionalism of our expert guides of these characteristic environments, located at the meeting between the green of the "Fosso delle Farfalle" Nature Reserve and the changing blue of the Adriatic Sea.
In the most beautiful stretch of coast in Abruzzo, the blue sea, reflected colors, scents and enchanting overflows are able to give unobtainable suggestions!

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Listen to the sound of the sea in regenerating paddles, between beaches and overflows, letting yourself be carried away by the waves to discover crystal clear waters and seabeds full of life.

Where to find us

Visit us at:
Via Lungomare di Gualdo, 39, 66038 Marina di San Vito CH ITALY